The Ballard Score Maturational Assessment of Gestational Age in Newly Born Infants


Even as technology progresses at a blinding speed, the skilled examiner remains the most valuable segment of the medical repertoire in determining gestational age of a newborn.



Year Author Subject
1920 Steeter Foot lengths of human embryos
1955 St. Anne Dargassie Neurologic maturation in premature infants
1964 Dotson Muscle tone in term infants
1966 Farr, Usher External characteristics in assessing gestation
1971 Dubowitz A scoring system for assessing gestation
1979 Ballard A simplified score applicable to sick babies
1980 Pearson Development of the human eyelids
1984 Hern Foot lengths confirmed
1986 Amiel Tison Tone: Active and passive Primitive reflexes in assessing gestation