Monograph: Performing the Assessment of Physical Maturity


Maturation of fetal skin involves the development of its intrinsic structures concurrent with the gradual loss of its protective coating, the vernix caseosa....(more)

In extreme immaturity, the skin lacks any lanugo. It begins to appear at approximately the 24th to 25th week....(more)

This item pertains to the major foot creases on the sole of the foot. The first appearance of a crease appears on the anterior sole at the ball of the foot...(more)

The breast bud consists of breast tissue that is stimulated to grow by maternal estrogens and fatty tissue which is dependent upon fetal nutritional status...(more)

The pinna of the fetal ear changes it configuration and increases in cartilage content as maturation progresses...(more)

The fetal testicles begin their descent from the peritoneal cavity into the scrotal sack at approximately the 30th week of gestation...(more)

To examine the infant female, the hips should be only partially abducted, i.e., to approximately 450 from the horizontal with the infant lying supine...(more)

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